Building Product Hunt for CPG Industry

Launchpad is a curation of the best new CPG products. It's a place where families find and vote for the best products for themselves, and brands get deep insights directly from their users. I led the product strategy and growth for its brands.

My Role

User Research
User Interviews
Journey Mapping Sketching
Growth Engineer




2019 - 20


Launching a CPG brand has become significantly easier with the rise of Social Media and Ecommerce, hence a rise in the number of DTC brands in the last decade. But two areas still remain outdated, early feedback from consumers and loss of actionable data to show retailers. This lack of data has led to slotting fee becoming an industry norm and widely accepted by retailers and brands alike. Social Nature already had an active community of 500K users wanting to try natural products via it's Sampling business, and we had early indicators that they wanted more ways to engage within our platform. The problem though was how do get the supply? How do we convince the the CPG brands to use the power of this data when the industry was still used to deals over drinks at trade shows.


We started visiting and talking to industry players at their home ground - the trade shows. Based upon data from in-person interviews, surveys, I organized my observations and categorized them using a customer journey map for every participant - customer, brand and retailer. This helped me expose the pain points and key drivers for each user segment. It also helped spark discussions to help close knowledge gaps and acted as a catalyst for idea sharing and generation between team and stakeholders. Based on these insights, we built our MVP of Launchpad.


Then we needed a way to reach out to CPG brands. We started by mapping the entire space and  realized that we're working in a niche community of a maximum of 50K natural CPG companies - thus, every piece of communication became key. We started with a variety of channels, but it didn't take us long to realize that email would be the one that's the most scalable. The second task was to learn how do we send the Best cold emails. Luckily, I had incredible copywriters like Mitchell Swanson in my team. Through various iterations of emails, we started getting signs of that the most important thing that CPG brands cared about was the ability to connect with Retailers or Buyers.

Then, we had to understand what mattered to these buyers and how they consumed information. Through next phase of interviews with retailers, we realized that Product Guides was an industry norm that Buyers used to find the leading products. We took this insight and pivoted launchpad into a product guide that would be distributed among all major Retailers.

Scaling Supply

We took this insight and pivoted launchpad into a product guide that would be distributed among all major Retailers. - 2020 Consumer Insights & Trending Products Guide. The campaign onboarded 250+ CPG brands within 1 month.

We started getting more brand requests than we could onboard onto Launchpad and that's when we realized that we had found product-market fit on the brand side. We quickly changed our focus on other issues:

  • Increasing user engagement
  • Making onboarding & reporting easier
  • Increasing AOV per brand